Hello; I'm Heidi.


I am a mum of two young boys, a vanilla latte aficionado, and the creator and director of Boxed Temptations.


I love giving gifts - especially gift boxes.


They're so much more personal and unique than a voucher or a card, aren't they? There is something wonderful, something a little bit magical,​ about the excitement of the unknown as you look at the box in front of you and slowly lift the lid...


Boxed Temptations came to be when I was searching online for a gift box myself. I found that everything out there was either priced outside of my budget, or slightly missed the mark when it came to what I was looking for.


I needed a box that was accessable, useful, personal and brimming with a range of beautiful, carefully curated items and brands; I just couldn’t seem find an online store that satisfied all of these points! The solution? This business was born.


We are an online gift box service which features Australian owned and made products, is fully customisable, and, most importantly, is priced to meet your budget.


Here you can personalise every gift box, to make it as unique as the person you are buying it for- be they a loved one, client or associate. We are so proud to bring you this with ease - all from the comfort of your own home, without dipping into your life savings.


We’ve found a specialisation along the way: real estate gifting. I have moved house twelve times in my life, and am now very well-versed in what people want and need during this process. Whether you’re an agent or a builder, a unique and thoughtful gift can go a long way to make this chaotic time more enjoyable for your clients – and keep them coming back.


So, grab a tea or coffee, sit back, relax for a moment & enjoy putting together the perfect gift box- or head over to our ‘choose a box’ section and ​we’ll do it for you.


It’s as easy as that - no need to visit several different stores, match a box, and wait in the post office line all morning- how good.



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