5 Reasons You Should Buy From A Small Business

5 Reasons You Should Buy From A Small Business

May 24, 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “when you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance” and the truth? They literally do! Small business ownership is on the rise in Australia with over 2 million small businesses operating in our fine country. With big brands and huge marketing budgets to compete with, it can be an uphill battle for the humble small business owner to gain traction.  

[Source: https://www.asbfeo.gov.au/sites/default/files/Small_Business_Statistical_Report-Final.pdf}

Many Australians are choosing chains over independent small businesses and it’s a real shame because the real heart of our economy lies with the entrepreneurs, the game changers, the movers and shakers. You just won’t find that vibe at your local KMart.

Without stating the obvious, here’s why you should choose local each and every time.

Customer Service Matters

It’s a well known fact, the customer service you receive from a small business owner is likely second to none. We spend countless hours improving our logistics, packaging, branding and more to serve and delight our customers. We’ll happily bend the rules a little to ensure you receive your package on time, most of us are happy to customise products and we’ll spend countless hours on communication whereas many big chains won’t. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Diverse Products

Hands up if you get a bit bored walking into the likes of Target and seeing the same old stuff on the shelves that you saw at say, KMart? Yeah, so do we. We don’t want to toot our own horn too much, but you can guarantee the products we’re stocking are artisan, handmade, designed with love and UNIQUE.

If you fancy yourself as quite the connoisseur of the fine things in life, small business is where you’re going to find them.


This one is a no brainer. Due to the nature of small business, many items you’ll find are either handmade or sourced through reputable manufacturers. Us independents cringe when the words ‘mass-produced’ are mentioned. When it comes to gifting, nothing says “I care” more than a unique, high quality, ethically sourced gift. The last thing you want is clients, friends or family thinking you don’t appreciate them when you produce a flimsy gift that will break and need to be replaced shortly after.

It’s a false economy buying cheap goods. Cheap more often than not, means low quality and you literally do need to replace the product in no time.

It’s The Ethical Choice

This topic can get hairy pretty quickly so we won’t go on and on BUT...how much do you really know about the manufacturing process at your favourite chain stores? Are they looking after their workers? In 2013, a factory in Bangladesh collapsed and a staggering 1138 people lost their lives and a further 2500 were injured. [source:https://www.amaella.com/the-ugly-truth-behind-fast-fashion/]

The clincher though, is that the staff had been complaining about the state of the building for ages and were ignored. IGNORED. I don’t know about you, but that kind of treatment of staff is NOT OK.

Most small business owners are in the game for the right reason. Many goods are handmade or ethically sourced. They are transparent about their process. Can you really say this about the big wigs?

Spread the LOVE

By supporting a small business, you are supporting the entrepreneurs of Australia. You’ll be spending your hard earned cash in the right place. A large American corporation is not doing to profit, a humble small business owner will. These are the guys fighting to pay their mortgage. The ones brave enough to chase a dream. The creatives who dare to push the envelope.

So, tell me, when was the last time YOU purchased from a small business?

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