5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Gifting

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Gifting

April 16, 2018

Corporate and personal gifting can be an incredibly personal venture that leaves many businesses overwhelmed and uninspired. I get it. It’s practically impossible to find a cost effective, personalised gift to wow seasoned professionals, top notch clients and even the difficult to buy for mother in law.

So, if you’re struggling to strike that perfect note, it may be time to consider outsourcing your gifting efforts. The benefits are endless!


You may know your clients and friends better than anyone but how exactly do you transfer that knowledge into a gift? A gifting expert will be knowledgeable in all things gifting and will have a unique way of choosing the perfect gift for your clients, friends, family members.

Bamboo flask corporate gift outsourcing


How many hours have you spent browsing unique homeware stores and online boutiques only to come back empty handed? I know I for one have done this too many times to count! You may have visions of a lovely teacup, personalised chopping board and decadent chocolates only to find the goods you seek are here there and everywhere.

By outsourcing your gifting, you are able to pay someone to do all that hunting for you. I know it seems crazy to pay for the service but think about your hourly rate. Say you earn $50 an hour, by the time you spend two hours shopping, one hour wrapping and posting that’s three hours. A gifting specialist will be able to save you time and money [hint: we don’t charge by the hour rather by the gift, winning!].


Not only do you have to source the present, you also have to think about presentation. Gar!

Do yourself a favour and stop watching YouTube tutorials on “wrapping the perfect gift” and “how to tie a perfect bow” and leave it to the pros. You’ll thank us later, trust me!

We’ll present it perfectly in a gorgeous box including packaging materials and everything you need to ensure your gift is well presented.

Corporate and Real Estate Gifting


If you’ve got clients a plenty and friends and family by the dozen, it can be a bit [sometimes a LOT] of a nightmare remembering, shopping and shipping all those gifts. If you work with a gifting specialist, they will manage this end to end process for you. All they’ll need is the details of each gift recipient, the budget, the shipping address and away they’ll go. Creating a thoughtful gift which will be remembered.


Did you know your gifting specialist has a little black book of contacts who can source almost anything? Yes that’s right. No matter how left of centre your idea is, we can source it. Better still, we’ll most likely have a relationship with the maker, manufacturer or seller meaning we can source it at a better price than the general public.

So, make your life a little less hectic and engage a talented gifting specialist...like *cough* US!


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Boxed Temptations specialises in unique and memorable corporate gifts, working from their Toowoomba studio to service clients Australia-wide. We work with your brief and budget to come up with the best solution for your gifting requirements. We can help with:

  • Thank you gifts
  • End of year client and staff gifts
  • Settlement Gifts
  • Gifts for newly built homes
  • Event gifting
  • Staff gifts and thank you's
  • Any other occasion arising in your business

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